Britney spears dating brown guy

Heck, the 34-year-old upped the suggestive ante when she placed her hands on the Oakland native's junk at one point.Things got super weird, though, when Eazy went in for a kiss, and Spears shook her head as she continued to "sing." Spears and Eazy walked the red carpet together before the show started in NYC, with Britney posting a photo to Instagram. "My partner in rhyme." I will say that I appreciated her sliding through Eazy's legs to re-enact a bit of her best performance ever (2000 VMAs, below).Sandip is very down to earth and keeps Britney grounded.He’s also quite spiritual and sensitive, which is a side of him she adores. Sandy ordered local delicacies including chicken tikka and a cottage cheese curry.Britney Spears has dated some fast movers and now she’s been swept off her feet by another – a Bollywood dance instructor.

"SO WE NOT TALKING ABOUT HOW G EAZY TRIED TO KISS BRITTNEY AND SHE SWERVED. Other choice comments were along these lines: "G-Eazy was trying to savage up and kiss Britney but she wasn't going #Britney On VMAs" "Shawty tried to kiss homie and he curved her badly" "He was just trying to have a kiss moment with her and she was like Goodnight #VMAs Today, Spears went on Elvis Duran to recap the performance, and of course didn't address the fact that Eazy tried to go in for the kill. “He’s got a lot of swag," Spears added of Eazy, who may or may not be heard from again, "he’s got the whole cool thing going on.” Just not cool enough ...In contrast, the only bad habit clean-cut Sandy is passing on to Britney is a love of sugar. I mean we can all guess what kind of addictions K-Fed introduced her to, but we’re just guessing.The smitten star took home 3kg of churma – Indian nutmeg cakes – for her two sons. We’ve got solid evidence of Brit’s sugar issues, in the form of a million discarded grande frappuccino cups.But the fact that Britney’s attracted to him makes me wonder what sort of drama he’s hidden behind the scenes. Hopefully Brit’s making better decisions in both life and love, and if things get serious it’ll turn out Sandip’s a good guy.Specifically, between the pop legend and G-Eazy during their electric performance of Spears' newest single, "Make Me." If you didn't know any better, you'd swear that Spears and Eazy were sleeping together, because the chemistry was definitely there.

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