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The writer looks back to his youth in the 1930s when, bit by bit, he came to understand the new technology of the telephone: the mystery of wires and insulators, and the essential role of the linesmen who scaled telegraph poles in all weathers.An account of the chequered career of a gifted scholar (born 1852) who trained to be an RC priest, later read history at Oxford and then embarked on an ill-fated literary career.This ambitious scheme might have provided arenas for a wide range of sports and have become a 'White City' to match other regional sports venues, but it fell at the first hurdle when an application to the local planning authority for permission to build greyhound and speedway tracks was turned down.The accidental discovery of a stone causeway which grounded a boat in the Trent near Littleborough in 1994 led to a detailed investigation of the diversion of Till Bridge Lane (Roman Road) around Littleborough on the west bank of the river and the existence of two crossing points in close proximity.It contains a variety of interesting illustrated articles about the county's history and also reviews of recently published Lincolnshire books.Up to the late nineteenth century, many people believed that their lives were ruled by supernatural forces.

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Immediately after the Second World War plans were put forward to create a sports stadium alongside the A153 three miles north of Sleaford.This relatively overlooked seaman attained the rank of master in the navy and was involved in survey work along the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador with Cook.The Gilbert Islands in the Pacific were named after him by Cook.The Thornton family, which had risen to some prominence in the county after the Civil War, was effectively wiped out at the death of the highly regarded and hard working Reviews Editor for SLHA from 1997 until his death.He was also an active participant in several other county societies, notable the Tennyson Society and the Lincoln Record Society.

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